I am a biracial Black woman and what I know to be true is that darker skinned black women have a daily existence much harsher than I do. Yes, I am a black woman with a white mother and a black father. As complicated as it may seem, I get…

Member Spotlight: Self care is not selfish. The principle of “secure your own oxygen mask first” is not synonymous with radical independence.

Name: Darshana Avila

Age: 40

Lives In: Occupied Ohlone Land aka Oakland, CA

Who are you? Answer that in any way that feels appropriate to you.

I am a child of the earth and stars, daughter of a lineage full of complexity and beauty alike, lover of the moon, dancing…

Member Spotlight: I’m the oldest of 4 and grew up in a very religious household attending church 4 days a week. I left the church when I was 18. But in hindsight, I realized that as a kid I thought my intuition was God. And because of that; I learned to trust myself.

Name: Betsaida

Age: 38

Lives In: California

Who are you?

I’m a wife, a sister, a friend, an artist, an improv performer, an emotional intelligence coach, a workshop facilitator. One thing that I think stands out about me is that I’m a grown ass woman who is still in touch…

Member Spotlight: I had such a short temper as a kid; I would flare up and throw things around. As an adult, life happened and with each disappointment, I somehow grew more patient. One of my favorite compliments is when people mention how patient I am. Considering my childhood temper, it’s really so ironic.

Name: Kat Poulos

Lives: Chicago, Illinois

Age: 40

Who are you? Answer that in any way that feels appropriate to you.

I am an American woman born to immigrants that came from Egypt. We are a minority group called Coptic, which means Egyptian. The group is both ethnic and a…

Member Spotlight: I spent a very long time concerned with how I’d explain my life to other people. I created a neat, easy to tell “story” of who I was, based on my career and hobbies. And it would have been an amazing life for the right person, but I wasn’t that person — I was just defining success based on what others would think of me. Eventually, I finally started trusting myself and choosing for myself. And I don’t plan on going back.

Name: Kristin Jamberdino

Age: 41

Lives In: New York, New York

From: Buffalo, NY & Overland Park, KS

Who are you? Answer that in any way that feels appropriate to you.

I am a marshmallow with a steel spine. I was reading Sassy magazine in the 6th grade (shoutout to…

Member Spotlight: What other people think about you is really none of your business. I spent so long trying to control what others would say or think of me, until I realized that they are going to say and think what they wanted, and I shouldn’t concern myself with any of it. There is real freedom in living on your own terms.

Name: Samantha Pitre Quillen

Age: 43

Lives In: Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Who are you? Answer that in any way that feels appropriate to you.

I am a strong, daring, resilient wife to Curt, fur-mommy to Shakespeare, bubbling ball of intersectionality, a Career Coach, DEI consultant, and the Founder of Creating…

Member Spotlight: “I never weigh myself, always candles, open curtains and windows as well when it’s above 40 degrees outside. Book stacks next to my bed, tarot and oracle as a daily practice, plants over almost everything else. Lead through truth and kindness.”

Name: Naomi Hattaway

Age: 44 (45 in June!)

Lives In: Omaha, Nebraska

Who are you? Answer that in any way that feels appropriate to you.

Member Spotlight: I’m a survivor; I come from a messy heritage of colonizers, Indigenous folks and sex workers. I’m an outspoken woman who comes from a long line of tight-lipped women who believed that “a good woman suffers in silence.”

Name: Jamie Fraipont-Daszkiewicz

Age: 43

Lives: Rural Colorado

Who am I?

The ever evolving self question. In this season in my life I am a questioner, a radical, feminist, witch. A mama of 13, 6 butterflies (non-biological) and 7 flowers (biological) children. I’m a matriarch, a woman who is learning…

Member Spotlight: My greatest challenge at the moment is changing my thought pattern away from illness and towards wellness.

Name: Chelsea Dutton

Age: 36

Lives: Illinois

Who are you? Answer that in any way that feels appropriate to you.

I am a positive beam of sparkling light. Nomad. Eternal student (I took over 100 courses last year ranging from Meditation to Shuffle Dancing to House Plants 101). Art Director…

Member Spotlight: “I just want people, all people to believe in their guts that they can do anything, the easy stuff — the impossible stuff and the stuff no one else wants to do, if it means you are a little closer to internal peace.”

Name: Gabrielle Krake

Age: 50

Lives: Boise, Idaho

Who are you? Answer that in any way that feels appropriate to you.

I come from meadows and mountains where dogs howl late at night to a smiling moon. My life was carved from the forests of the last frontier and doused…

cyndie spiegel

CYNDIE SPIEGEL is a Brooklyn based bourbon drinking yogi who is also a published author + TEDx speaker elevating the behavioral status quo of women everywhere.

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