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1. BOLD Broads: Makers + Goods’ founder, Julie Skon. Chances are, if you’ve ever received a gift from me (gifting is my love language), now you know my secret. Julie hand curates many of my gifts, writes the cards and sends them for me. *I tell her what to write so in case you feel cheated, don’t. But aside from her work, which amazes me (she wins for patience), she is also a powerhouse in this space. Learn about the tools that keep her business running and the one piece of advice she had to follow (but didn’t want to) in order for her business to thrive.

Meet Julie Skon

2. Inc. reports on a new study that sheds light on why men take more business risks than women: Strong patterns come out in business metrics… and biases. Is it true that women take less risk? Or that men generally run businesses better than women? Nope, it’s not and can’t be backed up with any data. Fuck you and your welcome (not YOU, but folks who say it’s true.) Here ya go.

3. Perception IS reality Back when I was still in fashion and would behave like a 23 yr. old asshole, I used to have a boss that would always remind me that “perception is reality.” She was right. People can only judge their perception of you. And often, there’s a difference between perception and reality, right? “Look, no one cares about your real intentions. Not because they are heartless or selfish. It’s because people simply don’t have the time to conduct a psycho-analysis on every single new person they meet.” #HONESTTRUTH Read on.

4. An homage to black culture. Watch this, whomever you are. It’s TIME. #Bey Your shade about all of the talk of Beyonce’s Coachella performance isn’t welcomed here. Haven’t seen it, watch it here. *** Am I the only one that didn’t even know that black folks went to Coachella!?

5. #HippieShit You’re not the only one feeling extra badass right now.New moons, out of retrograde, new cycles beginning. All the good shit from Mystic Mama, Here ya go, your astrology is on me this week. You’re welcome.

6. Boy, Bye! Welcome to the Multicultural Sheconomy: Imagine a universe where women of color hold more leadership roles in the workplace, politics, business, and education. Seem like a fairytale? Well, it’s not. Over the next decade Hispanic and African American women, in the U.S., will enter the workforce and start businesses at an unprecedented rate. Close to 52 million Hispanic and African American women (that’s 30% of the total U.S. female population), many of whom have either worked part-time or inconsistently, are set to be major economic contributors to the U.S. economy, in the coming years. Not only are these women embarking on business mogul status, but they are also super-consumers who control over $2.8 trillion in U.S. spending power. Learn more about how to tap into this powerful resource of women.You’re welcome.

Welcome to the Multicultural Sheconomy by Angel Ciangi

7. #WeeklyGratitude I’ve decided to add one thing I’m grateful for at the end of every post. I INVITE + CHALLENGE YOU TO DO THE SAME. This isn’t a competition. My job is done even if you just think about what you’re grateful for. Here is mine: I’m grateful that I am able to spend much of my free time in the company of powerful, brilliant women who make me a hell of a lot better.

8. How to get (or be) a good accountability partner: You’ve probably heard of accountability buddies (people who help one another stay motivated and on track) but what do those relationships look like in action, and how do you become a good one? The value of having people in your corner to support you and hold you accountable to self-promises is VITAL to making them happen. No bullshit. Want to create your own? Learn more and read on.*BONUS: This Forbes pieces features TWO members of The Collective (of Us).

9. Your wisdom featured in BEING Bold: Got something to say? Want to write an article for Being BOLD? Submit your article here, we’d LOVE to feature your brilliance and our audience would love to learn your wisdom.

10: There’s a special Japanese word for people addicted to buying books I have this problem. I didn’t know it was a “thing.” It is. You too? You’ll appreciate this. Ridiculous? Maybe. But I don’t care. Cheers to crazy book people, ery’where!

And as a gift from me to you:

The ULTIMATE Guide To Saying F*CK It To Fear… & Confidently Take Action Anyway!

This workbook will give you the tools to:

Gain clarity around your own business vibe, perfect your business pitch, identify your fears, stop feeling like a fraud and find success… even when you’re shit scared!


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CYNDIE SPIEGEL is a Brooklyn based bourbon drinking yogi who is also a published author + TEDx speaker elevating the behavioral status quo of women everywhere.